Tent Fabric Introduction

- Feb 09, 2018 -

1, in general, with the label of the fabric, different density, its tensile strength and waterproof pressure are also different. Thin and light nylon, suitable for mountaineering and walking camping people choose; Oxford cloth thick, but heavier, suitable for the manufacture of camping or small groups of tents.

2, from the waterproof coating, PVC waterproof is good, but the winter will be hard, brittle, prone to crease or cracking; PU coating can not only overcome the shortcomings of PVC, waterproof effect is also very good. Repeatedly coated PU, waterproof pressure can reach more than 2000mm. Second, the material:

Tents lining (inner tent material) usually with good breathability cotton nylon. From the use of point of view, nylon silk performance is better than cotton. Outdoor camping, the tent easily absorb moisture, so cotton is not easy to moldy sun exposure, while the nylon is easy to dry moldy.

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