Sun Umbrella Purchase Tips

- Feb 09, 2018 -

Foremost, we should expect from the SPF, sunscreen fabric, resolution umbrella quality. Now the market there is a simulation of silk fabric plus a layer of transparent UV glue, can make sunshades with outstanding UV protection, together with the weather will not affect the umbrella to open and close. Select tri-fold or four-fold style umbrella more convenient to carry. As for the skeleton of the umbrella, the selection of the aluminum alloy rod as the skeleton material is light. Color tests indicate that under the same conditions, the deeper the color of the fabric, the better its anti-UV function. A sunscreen sun umbrella, mainly to see the sun protection index is the anti-UV index, the sun the higher the index the better the role of the umbrella of the regular brand, in accordance with national requirements, umbrella signs should be marked SPF, umbrella fabric, umbrella Bone composition and umbrella size, so you are looking for a regular brand at the time of selection.

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