Why do Japanese people like to bring long umbrellas, and few people bring umbrellas

- Mar 23, 2018 -

Because it is also in the wet state, the rain on the umbrella can flow directly to the ground along the tip of the umbrella, and the umbrella cannot. Thus, for example, in public transport such as trams, compared to folding umbrellas, long umbrellas are less likely to get rain on people next to them. ---- This is the time when I was in China many years ago. I asked the same foreign teacher at the time. She explained it to me. After coming here, I also feel that this statement makes sense. After all, in Tokyo, commuter transportation is mainly based on trams and subways (everyone drives the car, and everyone wants to go to work). If commuting happens during the peak hours, everyone will hold it. Wet umbrellas can also be imagined.

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