What is the best windproof umbrella?

- Jul 02, 2018 -

What is the best windproof umbrella?

16K Straight Check Golf Umbrella

Rain is not terrible, the umbrella that can block rain is easy to buy, the umbrella that is strong enough is hard to meet. So what determines an umbrella's wind resistance?

First from the umbrella material, fine wood, bamboo, rattan class is necessary wind, with the whole piece of wood is made and be become continuous one umbrella, umbrella, umbrella handle, pointed is the most strong, of course, is also the most expensive, the so-called top umbrella with this kind of practice, such as the ace agent colin uncle swaine inside adeney brigg umbrella, it is necessary english gentleman, strong and beautiful. But the weight of the wooden umbrella is hard. It can be used for protection.

In addition to the wooden umbrella bone, there are steel, iron, aluminum alloy, electric bone and resin bone. With the development of technology, carbon fiber and glass fiber, even titanium alloy bone appeared. Among them, the hardest ones are steel and iron, but they are heavier, and iron is easy to rust and has a short service life. Aluminous bone, electropositive bone, resinous bone wants portable a few, it is at present deft series umbrella to use more, but hardness is not enough, can break in strong wind.

In the market at present most high-end umbrella use high-density carbon fiber, glass fiber, or hybrid fiber umbrella, light, not only the key point is resilient, elastic, will not be broken because the wind is too big.

Secondly, from the point of view of modeling, compared with folding umbrella, straight handle umbrella is much stronger. After all, folding umbrella with its own folding point, inertia.

In addition, wind resistance is also related to cloth. The more tightly woven the fabric is, the stronger the wind resistance is.

In addition to traditional parasols, people are becoming more and more creative, by changing the shape of the umbrella and cutting the fabric to resist the wind.

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