What is sun umbrella?

- Aug 08, 2018 -

23 Inch 8 Panels Straight One Piece Cloth Umbrella

Sun umbrellas are umbrellas that are mainly used to shield sunlight from direct sunlight.

Sun umbrellas can block about 70 ultraviolet rays, but they cannot isolate reflected ultraviolet rays. If there is no anti-uv coated umbrella, you can also use a common sun umbrella. The black umbrella has a relatively better defense effect, followed by pink and goose yellow, while red has almost no uv protection.

The function of the size of the sun umbrella is not the same, there are some differences in the choice. First, don't be confused by the dazzling name when buying an umbrella. The anti-radiation function of the sun umbrella depends on the fabric used. As long as it is a radiation-proof fabric, such as silver glue, pearl cloth, satin, etc., the upf value is greater than 50. When the upf value is greater than 50, do not use sun umbrellas when the wind is strong. Many small sun umbrella frames are made of aluminum alloy. In order to be lighter, some of the sun umbrella skeletons use plastic instead of metal to meet the windy weather. Umbrellas can easily cause deformation of the umbrella skeleton.

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