What color umbrella is the sunniest in the summer?

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Shading refers to not being tanned and not feeling too hot. In this case, choosing a black umbrella would be more reasonable. Black absorbs light in all wavelengths, including infrared rays and ultraviolet rays. It is known that ultraviolet rays are the chief culprit in making skin dark, and excessive ultraviolet rays cause skin lesions, so black umbrellas are inherently able to prevent the skin from becoming dark, and because black umbrellas absorb All infrared light, it is relatively high temperature relative to the surrounding environment, that is, the umbrella surface forms a high pressure area with respect to people, and people regard it as a low pressure area. This will cause convection and form wind, people will feel a slight When the wind blows, it will be cooler.


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