Two Fold Umbrellas and Three Fold Umbrellas

- Jul 13, 2018 -

As the name suggests, two fold umbrellas can be folded for two folds, three fold umbrellas can be folded for three folds, the larger the number of folds of the umbrella, the smaller the size of the umbrella is, and it is more convenient to put it in the bag.

The difference between a two-fold umbrella and a three-fold umbrella

The two-fold umbrella is basically european type foreign umbrella, its characteristic is high-grade luxuriant, the design is diversiform, can block the sun only commonly, cannot rain use, after folding bigger;

The three-fold umbrella has a professional european umbrella and small rain and sunshine umbrellas., is currently on the market mainstream style, its characteristic is convenient fold, in recent years popular pencil umbrella, pen umbrella, ultra-light umbrella, a finer more portable.

2 folding golf umbrella
3 fold rainbow umbrella

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