The difference between rain umbrellas and sun umbrellas

- Mar 19, 2018 -

The biggest difference between sun umbrellas, parasols and sun umbrellas is in terms of functionality: The main function of umbrellas is to prevent wind and rain, and the main function of sun umbrellas is sun protection and UV protection to protect the health of the skin. Secondly, the difference between umbrellas and parasols lies in the production of materials and production techniques: The design of umbrella umbrella cloth is mainly to consider waterproofness, while the design of sun umbrellas is mainly on anti-ultraviolet materials, and the workmanship is fine. There are many beautiful embroidery designs. [1]

In addition, the general sun umbrella has both functions: umbrellas, but in general, the sunshade effect is slightly weaker, and the sun protection effect is general. If it is a rainy season, use a sunny umbrella; if it is a dry area, you can use a professional sun umbrella.
3 fold rain umbrella

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