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- Aug 31, 2018 -

sun umbrella portableIn order to prevent UV damage to the skin, a sun umbrella is often the choice. There are many types of sun umbrellas, and depending on the shading rate of the fabric, the UV protection effect of the sun umbrellas is not the same.

According to experts, there are three kinds of technical means for preventing ultraviolet rays: one is to mix ceramic particles in the textile fabric to reflect ultraviolet rays and achieve the function of preventing ultraviolet rays. The second is to apply the UV-blocking agent to the fabric using a film-fitting technique without changing the feel and appearance of the fabric itself. However, different fabrics themselves will limit the UV protection function of this absorbent. Therefore, when choosing this type of sun umbrella, it can judge its anti-UV performance from three aspects.

First, pay attention to the UV resistance of fabric fibers themselves.

Experiments have shown that among the untreated fibers, the UV resistance of polyester fiber is the best. The benzene ring in the molecular structure of polyester fiber has the function of absorbing ultraviolet rays. In chemical fiber, nylon is also the artificial cotton and artificial in nylon glue. Silk and so on, the UV resistance is not as good as polyester.

Therefore, we should try our best to choose UV protection sun umbrellas made of polyester fiber.

The second is to pay attention to the organizational structure of the fabric

The thickness and tightness of the fabric have a certain influence on its UV resistance. The thicker the fabric, the better the UV resistance, and the tighter the fabric, the stronger the light-blocking ability and the smaller the UV transmission.

Knitted fabrics are usually looser than woven fabrics, so the protective effect is not as good as woven fabrics. The gaps of plain weave fabrics in woven fabrics are larger than that of twill, and the twill is larger than satin, so the protective effect of plain weave is relatively poor.

Another thing to watch out for is the color of the fabric. According to the test results of the China Institute of Metrology, the darker the color of the fabric, the smaller the UV transmittance, and the better the UV protection. Therefore, when choosing a parasol, we should fully consider the tightness and color of the fabric.

Third, the price is not proportional to the anti-ultraviolet effect.

Some sun umbrellas are expensive, and they are related to the fabric, handle, accessories, umbrella frame material, manufacturing process, packaging and brand effect of the umbrella. The anti-ultraviolet effect is not the main factor of pricing. Experts pointed out that in the case of fabrics, the fabrics used to make parasols on the market, in addition to the past silver glue and pearl glue, also have new fabrics such as mouth Mc cloth, silver onion satin cloth, and impact cloth. These new fabrics Not only can it resist UV rays, but it also has a good visual effect. However, in terms of anti-ultraviolet effect, the high-quality silver glue, which is relatively inexpensive, is actually the best.

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