Share umbrella manufacturers teach you how to choose UV sun umbrella

- Feb 09, 2018 -

1, look at the appearance. In addition to the previous printing, checkered, solid color pattern drawings, UV sun umbrellas this summer has introduced cartoon drawings, pastel series and other quite a sense of fashion planning. The color depth will not affect the resistance to ultraviolet light, the test found that the umbrella of the color has little effect on the protective effect, the color of the umbrella and the color depth of the umbrella UV B transmittance and other objectives are almost the same.

2, the election umbrella surface. Anti-UV sun umbrella is divided into two kinds of shiny and dull. Glossy umbrellas dominate the market, appears pretty vivid; matte umbrella manufacturing process is relatively messy, the price is expensive, does not seem assertive, giving a subtle and steady image.

3, pick umbrella. In addition to the usual straight-rod and triple-fold, UV umbrella launched a four-fold umbrella, take it more convenient. Umbrella production costs in the larger part of the umbrella, umbrella should pay attention to buy umbrella.

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