Rain Umbrella Problems

- Jan 23, 2019 -

1. Why is the two-fold umbrella more expensive and heavier than the average umbrella?

Generally, the two-fold umbrella is a high-end positioning, with fine umbrellas, high-quality steel bones, imported color tapes, embroidered fabrics, etc. with high sun protection effect, plus exquisite workmanship and good detail design, so it is different from ordinary umbrellas.

2. Why is the 2-fold umbrella umbrella longer?

Umbrella handles and ribs are high-quality steel bones. They are long and graceful.

3. Why does the two-fold umbrellald face look smaller?

This is different from the positioning of the umbrella. The umbrella pursues a wide umbrella surface, and the umbrella should also consider the fashion and beauty on the basis of sun protection. The designed umbrella shape is generally smaller than the ordinary umbrella.At the same radius, it will look relatively small, which does not affect the sun protection effect of the umbrella.4. Why is the two-fold umbrella not easy to open and close?

According to the design principle of the tiger's teeth, the design has a total of eight similar tiger-toothed interfaces. The ribs are quite reliable. The wind-proof function determines that it is not easy to support. After using the number of times, the skill is mastered.

5. Why is there a lot of hollow mesh design on the edge of the embroidery umbrella, will it affect the sunscreen effect?

In the design considerations, the designer will add some designs such as openwork mesh lace, although there will be a small part of the umbrella surface that will be transparent. In fact, most of the sunlight will be reflected by the reflective film of the umbrella surface, so the impact is very small. .

6. Why are umbrellas not used to cover the rain?

The umbrellas are designed with thicker and special UV-resistant fabrics, which are often used to cover the surface of the umbrella and affect the sunscreen effect. From the initial meaning of the umbrella, the umbrella is also an extension of the umbrella, which can be used to cover the rain in case of emergency. However, it must be cleaned and dried after being covered.

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