Parasol purchase method introduced

- Feb 09, 2018 -

Sunshade is now a lot of people are used to cover the sun in the summer tools, so that our skin to avoid UV stab wounds, can play a protective effect, but you want to be effective, we must pay attention to the purchase method, to choose the treatment And the effect is very good.

First: the choice of umbrellas need to pay attention to the fabric and material, if we find that the textile process is very thin then it is recommended to buy with caution, it is likely that the quality of light.

Second: try to pick a slightly larger umbrella, because UV-resistant fabrics will gradually shrink smaller, causing trouble to use.

Third: If you want your umbrella to shield the UV effect better, then the time to choose the color slightly darker when the effect is better, such as brown, navy blue and so on, because the deeper the color of the fabric UV When the effect will be obvious.

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