Introduction to reverse umbrella

- Feb 09, 2018 -

The reverse umbrella can be folded up in reverse with the inventor Jenan Kazim, a 61-year-old British inventor. This umbrella opens and closes in the opposite direction, it can well discharge rainwater accumulated in the umbrella. Umbrella direction at the same time to avoid the umbrella stamp to passers-by embarrassment. The inventor said the new design means that once the user puts the umbrella up, it will keep the entire body dry for a long period of time while avoiding being injured in strong winds.

The umbrella is folded up to dry the canopy outside and the process you need to hold up instead of pulling down like a regular umbrella. It does not allow the user to make a rain on the first home, and you do not have to bother with it to hold it overhead. It does not poke the face, and once you get in the car, you can smoothly catch the umbrella and not touch the rain. This umbrella will not be blown outwards, because the umbrella inside has long been turned outside.

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