Golf umbrella and ordinary umbrella differences

- Feb 09, 2018 -

Golf umbrella, now more than the style, the most common are straight hand open golf umbrella, straight golf automatic umbrella, there are two since the opening of the golf umbrella, umbrella large, generally follow the ride, while a strong breeze, strength Small point, the general instability, more and more humane planning, this problem has been better handled in the golf umbrella made an improvement, the more common practice is to make the umbrella double, the following The top of a layer of umbrella surface through the empty, and then a layer of cover above the top of the layer above, than the ventilation holes larger, just cover, a small amount of needle sewing suture between two layers, under normal use, the rain can not enter Umbrella inside, when the wind came, the top of the surplus transfiguration was discharged. There is a practice with some of the same methods of the local, cool umbrella stand made of double, a bit like our pavilion, the wind flies, the rain can not come.

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