golf umbrella

- Mar 20, 2018 -

The most common golf umbrellas are golf clubs with straight hands, automatic golf umbrellas with straight bars, and golf umbrellas with two percent off. Due to the large size of the umbrellas, they tend to have a good ride. After a gale, the smaller ones are often unstable. With more and more humanized designs, this problem has been solved better, and improvements have been made to the golf umbrella. The common practice is to make the canopy double, and the top of the lower layer of the canopy is empty. Then the upper layer is covered on the lower layer, which is larger than the ventilation hole. It just covers, and a small number of stitches are stitched up and down. When the normal use is made, the rainwater cannot enter the umbrella. When the wind blows over, it passes through. The empty top is lined up.

douber layer umbrella

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