Difference Between Parasols And Umbrellas

- Jun 25, 2018 -

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First of all, parasols are not suitable for rain protection.

Although rain mainly consists of water, it also contains small amounts of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, which can damage the surface of an umbrella. Umbrella outside with a layer of sunscreen coating, rubber is sensitive to the rain, so don't recommend use rubber umbrella to block the rain, even without the use of chemical coating of parasols, if is often rain water scrub, uv protection function will be weakened. In addition, some parasols such as lace and embroidery should not be dipped in water, otherwise it will be very difficult to clean.

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Secondly, umbrellas are not suitable for shading the sun.

In a word, because it is not sunscreen ah. A dark umbrella can be used in an emergency, but it's not really good for sun protection.

You must say, there is another kind of umbrella called a clear umbrella. As mentioned above, parasols with rain and sun protection will be discounted, so both of the umbrella, both cannot be the best. But for those who want convenience and don't require too much sun protection, a clear umbrella is also good.

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