Custom gift advertising umbrella precautions

- Feb 09, 2018 -

Gift umbrella has many advantages, such as advertising a long time, less advertising costs, advertising and other broad audience. The general gift umbrella is also called small advertising umbrella, that is, when we generally use the kind of folding or straight umbrella gift umbrella, umbrella umbrella is roughly divided into two kinds of straight and folding, folding gift umbrella has two fold gift Umbrella and fold gift umbrella, this is not much difference from the price.

Gift umbrella is mainly depends on the quality of workmanship, the price from a few dollars to tens of dollars have, on the quality of gift umbrellas, the use of umbrella cloth is also very important, the umbrella umbrella gift umbrella general cloth umbrella, but also on the silver Plastic or vinyl umbrella cloth. Umbrella with silver or vinyl can play the role of anti-UV, the price will be slightly more expensive than silver-free umbrella gifts.

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